"The therapy performed on my infant, Luke, has been so unbelievably amazing.  Luke has a rare neurological disorder called BPT which causes him to be “crooked” due to improper nerve signals resulting in pain and muscle spasm.  At just 5 months old, Dr Lee would gently put my son’s spine back into place, and then use cold laser therapy to relieve his pain.  The immediate relief was clearly noticed and a testimony to alternative therapy verses typical pain medication.
Julie McDonald  
Former Athletic Director at Cornerstone Christian Academy, and current stay at home mom)


"I first went to Dr. Tim Lee’s a few years ago, when I was told that I needed back surgery.  I chose to go a less evasive route with the help of Dr. Lee.  Now here I am, several years later, never having had the back surgery.  I believe that without his knowledge and treatments, I would NOT be walking today!  For that, I am truly thankful and grateful.

I’ve never written a testimonial more anyone before but I wanted to say this because I feel so strongly.  When our community has someone living here that can truly add to our lives, he needs to be recognized and thanked.  Thank you Dr. Lee for giving me the ability to walk!"
Margie Rucker-Long


"I came to Dr. Lee with severe headaches, neck pains, and a radiating throbbing down the left arm to the point that my arm would feel like it went to sleep.  When I started with Dr. Lee, three separate doctors told me that I needed immediate surgery and that I was to cease all strenuous activity, I was not even allowed to ride the lawn mower.  I opted to try therapy with Dr. Lee.  Not only have I NOT had to have the surgery (years later), but I have returned to playing high level tennis again.  I have won several USTA sanctioned tournaments and gained the #1 ranking in Tennis for the state.  Dr Lee has given me my life back again.  I recommend Dr Lee to all my family and friends, and they rave about the results too!"
Vanessa Burka
Tennis Player


"I originally sought treatment from Dr Lee for Injuries and pain from a skiing accident.  I am a very active person and continue to see him on a regular basis to maintain the  health of my spine and to prevent any future reoccurrences of pain.  Dr Lee is very thorough and seeks to find the root of the problem, rather than just treating the symptoms.  In my personal experience, I can walk into his office and not even tell him what is bothering me and he will know.  He can pinpoint the smallest irritations in my back, shoulders or neck and quickly identify what he can do to help.  Since working with Dr Lee, I have noticed increased flexibility in my joints and a more broad range of motion.  After a visit to Dr Lee, I leave relaxed and restored with long term relief of my symptoms."
Jennifer Oates
Teacher and Cellist


"My personal Trainer, Teresa Barnes, first sent me to Dr Lee for a shoulder problem.  What a blessing it was to find a doctor who is so dedicated to helping people!  Since then, just about whatever pain I seem to come up with, he has fixed me.  But if it is something that he couldn’t fix, he will tell you and direct you where to get the help you do need.
Dr Lee is a dedicated, talented, caring, Christian individual."
Mecia Crutcher
Retired Human Resource Director

"I first came to Dr Lee with lower and upper back pain.  I had already been to my family doctor and he had prescribed muscle relaxer, but they did not work.  I have been very pleased with Dr Lee.  He always makes my situation better.  I recommend Dr Lee not only to my family and friends, but also to my customers.  I think that Dr Lee really cares about his patients."
Jim Roberts

 Auto Technician & Owner of Roberts Automotive



"I came to Dr. Lee with a herniated disc problem.  I had previously tried Physical Therapy, but it did not work so good.  My experience with Lee Family Chiropractic was great!!  They are fantastic to work with, and always very nice.  Dr Lee always knows what to do.  He is the best!!  I have recommended to both family and friends, and everyone of them that has come to him, loves him.  He is not only a good doctor, but also a great family man.  He is also very honest with the patient in telling you what is wrong."

Patty Ethington

 Homemaker - Model


"I came to Dr Lee with a bulging disc in my lower back.  It had been a problem for several months.  I had previously tried epidural injections.  I had a Good experience with Dr Lee and Lee Family Chiropractic.  The decompression traction helped.  I like the friendly atmosphere and staff.  The name “FAMILY” fits.  I have recommended several friends and church member to Dr Lee."

Bill Perkins







"I first went to Dr Lee for a frozen shoulder on the left and a rotator cup tear on the right and low back pain and sciatica into the hip.  Previously went to an orthopedist for injections and exercises but it didn’t help.  My experience with Dr Lee was great!  I can raise both arms and have full range of motion, pain free now.  I occasionally have a flare-up of my sciatica into the hip but if I see him, immediately his therapy takes care of it.  I recommend Dr Lee every chance I get.  He is a caring doctor, great personality, and friendly staff.  You have an “at Home Experience” there and great care!"

Wanda Perkins

 Retired Nurse



I came to Dr Lee with neck pain, lower back pain and heel spurs.  They had been an issue for several years; I had just learned to live with the pain until it got too bad.  I can’t speak highly enough for Dr Lee and all the staff at Lee Family Chiropractic.  They got me feeling great!  Dr Lee is a very skilled chiropractor.  I have referred both family and friends to Dr Lee, and every one of them has given him high reviews.

I can assure you that you will not feel like just a number at this office.  Lee Family Chiropractic will treat you like a family member and a friend.  The level of experience and expertise that Dr Lee has is unmatched.  You will be in good hands!

Greg  Jacobs

(Securities Examiner)





I first came to Dr Lee with pain for neck and low back pain for over a year.  Pain relievers did not work.  He found that I had a previously undiagnosed bulging disc.  From the moment I first met Dr Lee, he had a smile and warmth that made me feel comfortable and trust him.  He sat down and listened to what my problem was and recommended exactly what needed to be done to solve the problem.

His staff is wonderful, and very polite.  His equipment is state of the art, and Dr Lee is up on all the latest treatments.  I recommend him to anyone who wants to be relieved of any kind of pain.  They are great!!!
Margaret Ann Green Beaumont


After being involved in a car accident, I was suffering from a few aches and pains.  As time progressed, the pain increased and began to hurt every time I moved.  After being recommended by several people, I went to Dr Lee for treatment.  After the first treatment, the pain was less and I got my first good night sleep since I was in the accident.  After a short while, with treatments from Dr Lee, the pain was manageable and my mobility was returning.  On my last day of treatment, I felt even better than I did before the accident.

Another thing that I noticed while under Dr Lee’s care, was his attestation and genuine care that was shown to every one of his patients.  He seemed to take the time to get to know each one well.

Bill Scheidt






I was first treated by Dr. Lee for chronic low back pain. I had tried various pain medications, heat and cold packs, physical therapy, and other attempts at relief with mixed results.
I found Dr. Lee to be very skilled at finding the area causing pain, even before I could direct him to the problem area. He involved me in the plan of care and listened to what I had to say. He has never pushed for unneeded treatments just because my insurance would cover it. He is always pleased to see me progress to the point of no longer needing treatments.
Since being treated initially, I also had a work-related injury and the rest of my family has been treated by Dr. Lee for everything from sports injuries to injuries from auto accidents. I highly recommend Dr. Lee and Lee Family Chiropractic for exceptional chiropractic care.
Greg Murphy
Accountant /CFO Shelby County School Board